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some fanart ;D

Not sure if fanart is allowed.. (?) but I made a few pics and I thought it'd be cool to share them ;P


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[notes] Aug2008: Hehehe.. soo I was watching the Teen Choice Awards, and apparently, Miley goes over to Selena during her performance of Seven Things, and Selena totally sings along with her for at least one lyric, "you make me love youu.." no less! And Selena is pretty much rocking out during the whole song, lol. Which kinda contradicts the whole media-fueled gossip-overload perception of ZOMG RIVALRY with their supposed love triangle, etc including that the song itself might even "represent" how Miley feels towards her ex-current-bf-of-Selena Nick Jonas. (And it all feels a little Hilary/Aaron/Lindsay, eh? Except waayy more cuter, with tons of adorkableness, and absolutely no cattiness.. hmm.. lmao!) So yea. Then apparently, it turns out just like there are fans of Liley (Lilly/Miley of HM), there are shippers of real-life Miley and Selena - Milena! And well.. I got inspired, and voila ;D

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Together, Forever

Title: Together, Forever (chapter 1)
Pairing: um... tripling. Kevickjoe
Rating:P-13 (likely to increase

Disclaimer: This happened. Yep yep, i've got pictures. O.o ....

Notes: This story contains Incest and Threesomes. Don't read if you don't go for that kinda stuff.

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Mod update!

Yo peeps!

Okay so I've made the decision to open up the community to Jonas Brothers stuff; fanfictions (preferably slash or jonascest), pictures and other media.

Also I would like ask if anyone would like to be a mod. Cause I get grounded a lot and I can't always get on and I'm hoping this community will take off.

Another thing…some rules.

For now all ratings are aloud but I do request that if there is going to be a sex scene there be a warning. Not everyone enjoys that. Also please have the story actually have a plot, not just a sex scene.

Please post stories under a cut. If you don't know what this means or don't know how to do so please message me and I'll explain in detail. I would also appreciate you using this format when posting a story:  






( story goes under cut )


get creative!

When posting a chapter fic, it would be considerate to new readers if you also post the links to previous chapters. Though it's really not necessary.

Creativity is a must! Please don't copy peoples stories or ideas. That is just lame! ORIGINALITY is key peeps!

Any bashing, flaming or negative behavior towards a member or threat will get you immediately blocked. This is a civilized community and I hope to keep it that way.   


If you have any questions, comments, concerns or complaints please don't hesitate to message me or comment!

I really hope to get this community off the ground.


Okay so...

 Nobody but me is posting anything. I would like to actually have people active on here please. POST SOMETHING! It doesn't have to be fanfiction just Miley related. COME ON PEOPLE! Help a chica out!