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Together, Forever

Title: Together, Forever (chapter 1)
Pairing: um... tripling. Kevickjoe
Rating:P-13 (likely to increase

Disclaimer: This happened. Yep yep, i've got pictures. O.o ....

Notes: This story contains Incest and Threesomes. Don't read if you don't go for that kinda stuff.

Have you ever made a decision that you thought was completely and utterly wrong at the time you made it, but later decided it was the best thing that ever happened to you? Probably not huh? Well, that’s how I felt now, surrounded by the warmth and the press of the two bodies on each side of me.
    To the rest of the world, the day I made the decision that I loved both my brother was the day I sold my soul. And at first I thought so too, but I couldn’t help it. But now... now I’m happy with the choice I made. I would have missed out on so much, and this feeling of love.... it made me whole.
    I rolled over slightly, turning so I was facing my younger brother, Nick. I felt Kevin’s arm tighten around my waist, pulling me back against his chest, wanting us close even in his sleep. I smiled slightly, reaching out a hand to lovingly stroke Nick’s curls off his face. They where both so beautiful when they slept, it made me want to hold them both forever. Could I?
    Carefully, trying not to wake either of them, I slid out of Kevin’s arms and off the king size bed. I glanced around the suite we rented monthly, the suite that had become our home when our love drove us away from our family. I slid down on the window seat, picking up a hoodie from the floor and putting it on. A pale yellow light shown in from the street lamp, turning my skin a ghostly orange.
    I shivered slightly, drawing the material of the sweatshirt closer around my body. It must be one of Kevin’s, smells like him. I smiled slightly and let my eyes drift shut.
    “Joe?” I opened my eyes and looked towards the bed to see Nick sitting up. “What are you doing?” I shrugged, I didn’t really know myself.
    He slid off the bed and padded over to me, barefoot in pj pants and a sweatshirt. Wordlessly, I held out my hand to him and he took it, sitting and snuggling into me. I smiled, running my fingers softly threw his curls. He started this really, just by being himself. We fell for him, both Kevin and I, and we fell hard. It was only after that that we began to develop love for each other.
    “Whacha thinking about?” Nick asked, nuzzling my neck.
    “Love,” I whispered, holding him tight.
    “I love you.” He whispered.
    “I know.” I smiled, and pulled back slightly so I could see his eyes. They glowed like they did when ever he was happy. And I fucking loved it. I leaned forward, kissing him softly. I loved they way our lips joined together, how soft he felt.
    He smiled pulling away. “I wouldn’t be me without you two.”
    “Me neither.”
    Some people might think it was weird that it was the 3 of us. I mean how can you love two people, right? So wrong. They both meant different things to me, and just as much. I knew that’s how they felt too, we where each one of 3.
    Nick and I sat in comfortable silence, wrapped up in each other’s bodies and our own thoughts. His head rested on my chest, rising and falling with my breathing, while my hands rubbed slow circles on his back. I heard the creaking of bed springs and looked up to find Kevin sitting up, awake and alert.
    “Why wasn’t I invited to this party?” He asked, smiling at us. I knew he was joking and that he really found it adorable. He loved it when Nick and I got cuddly, he would just sit and watch us sometimes.
    “You snore, so we left,” Nick teased, peeking over at him from my chest.
    Kevin scoffed, “I do not snore.” I chuckled and he smiled.  “Come back to bed, you two.”
    I glanced down at Nick but he shook his head, tightening his arms around my chest. “Stay. Happy.” I rolled my eyes, he did this sometimes. Latched on to one of us and wouldn’t let go. Literally. Lucky for me he was light and I could carry him. I stood up, scooping him up with me, and spun him around once. He giggled and I laid him down on the bed next to Kevin, who smiled at me.
    I slid in on Nick’s other side so he was pressed between us. I wrapped an arm around his chest as Kevin’s slid his arm around Nick’s waist. Nick was practically glowing with pleasure as we snuggled close to him. I rested my head on his shoulder while Kevin played his hair.
    “I love you guys,” He purred softly. I watch happily as Kevin turned Nick’s head gently with his hand, and kissed him softly. As weird as it sounds, I love watching them kiss. I shivered a little as Kevin pulled away. Nick must have felt my shiver because he turned his head to me, brushing his lips against my forehead. I smiled, nuzzling his neck. Kevin reached out and took my hand, resting them on Nick’s stomach.
    “What do you think’s gonna happen to us?” Nick asked quietly, looking from me to Kevin, trust in his eyes.
    “We’re going to get jobs, get a house, live together and love each other forever.” I  answered softly, re-adjusting my head on Nick’s chest. I could feel his happiness. I knew that was what he wanted to hear.
    I glanced at Kevin over Nick’s form, our eyes meeting. Neither one of us where sure of this, we’d seen to much of the world. But we maintained the dream for Nick and because we had nothing else. The love we shared was so deep, ran threw us to our cores, that no other could compare. Without each other we where nothing.
    Kevin broke my gaze, turning to look back up at Nick, who’s eyes had drifted shut in happy silence. The hand that wasn’t clasped in mine moved to Nick’s face, tenderly brushing his curls aside. Kevin looked back at me, I knew the look I saw in his eyes.
    We’d made a silent promise to each other when this started, put Nick first. I loved Kevin, I really did, but Nick came first for both of us. We’d agreed silently that his wants and needs came before ours. Luckily he wasn’t a needy kid, mostly he needed love, but that also meant protecting him. And we did, me physically, Kevin mentally, both emotionally. Part of that meant pretending this would last forever, even if we weren’t sure it would.
    “I love you. Both of you.” Kevin whispered to me. Nick’s breathing had evened out, and I was sure he was asleep. I leaned forward and up slightly, so my lips could reach Kevin’s over Nick’s shoulder. Kevin kissed so differently than Nick, I mused as our lips joined lazily. Nick was tender and loving, Kevin aggressive and passionate. I wondered what I felt like to them.
    “Do you think we can do this?” He asked, voicing the question neither of us could put when Nick was awake.
    I paused for a moment before answering. “Yes. We have to.” I said simply. We lay silent for a while, hold on to the boy we loved and each other. Kevin’s fingers played around my wrist, sending shivers up my spine. He noticed and smiled, pulling me closer so i was half on top of Nick, and wrapped his arm around me.
    Nick shifted slightly in his sleep, moving my weight to a more comfortable place on his body. We where used to getting squished by now, we usually woke up as a tangled pile of limbs in the morning. I doubted I’d be able to sleep at night without at least some part of my body touching theirs.
    I looked up at Kevin, finding his eyes on me. He smiled, and now it was my hair being brush to the side. I reach out and caught his hand, pressing my lips to the palm.
    “Sleep, Joey.” He instructed, fingers trancing my nose, lips, throat.
    “I love you,” I breathed out, letting my eyes fall shut.
    “I know.” he answered, pulling the blankets up over us. I snuggled into Nick’s chest and Kevin’s arms, surrounded by love and warmth and the prospected of the future we would work so hard to create. Together, forever.


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