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Together, Forever

Chapter 2!!

It might take me a little bit to get the next one out, because I'm looking forward to a killer week, so enjoy!

  They’re worth it. Your know they’re worth it. These words ran around my head for the hundredth time today as I dragged my feet across the parking lot of our hotel. I was exhausted. Strait up, fucking exhausted. My feet ached from walking around the city all day, and my heart ached from all the rejection.
    I was looking for a job. Simple right? I mean, it’s some most 18 year old guys have to do. But most 18 year old guys aren’t ex-popstars, shunned for loving their brothers. I’d been turned down every where I look, all day, everyday, for the past week. I was either too young, too famous, or too scandalous to be considered for anything. And it was wearing me down.
    The bell hop tipped his hat at me as I walked through the door, giving me a tired smile which i returned in kind. He was a nice guy, never gave us any shit. Which was more then could be said for some of the other employees here.
     I dragged myself slowly towards our room, fighting the temptation to just collapse in the hallway. I was too tired even to dig out the room key, i just pounded half-heartedly on the door. After a few moment’s wait, the door opened and I stumbled into the room, only to be caught by Kevin.
    “Easy there,” He whispered in a soothing voice, and i just gave up. I let my head drop on his chest, throwing virtually all of my body weight into his arms. He staggered a bit, but managed to stay up right, supporting me. “Nick, gimme a hand?” he called back into the room and a moment later I felt Nick’s arm around my other side.
    Together, the 3 of us made our way over to the bed, toppling onto it in a heap. Almost at once my eyes fell shut, overwhelmed by the comfort of the bed and the two bodies pressing mine.
    “No luck?” Nick as softly, his head resting at the crook of my neck, arms tight around my waist.
    “No.” I chocked out, fighting down tears. I was angry at myself for even wanting to cry, but I was tired, I didn’t care anymore. Kevin and I had decided together that Nick needed to finish school, and that meant he needed someone to help him with school work. Kevin had always been more of a book learner then me, so the task of getting a job had become mine. Only it wasn’t going so well.
    Kevin hand slide up my arm and neck, cupping my cheek, turning my head towards him. “Your doing the best you can, Joey. And we’re grateful.” I felt Nick’s head nod against my chest, and sighed in contentment.
    “Thanks guys,” I whispered, snuggling in close to there bodies, truly enjoying the warmth. “I’m just really tired.”
    “And your doing amazing.” Kevin murmured. I sighed. It didn't feel like I was doing amazing, but I was doing the best that I could, wasn't I? I mean this was where I was supposed to be and if I kept trying things would work themselves out, right?
    "I love you guys" I sighed as I let myself be comforted by the warmth of their bodies on mine.
    “Let’s get something to eat, and just chill tonight, okay?” Kevin asked, glancing over my shoulder at Nick, who just nodded. I turned my head towards him, to tired to say much, but grateful.
    “How about we get a pizza or something,” Nick suggested, snuggling closer to me, “You can go pick it up, and I’ll stay with Joe.” I looked over at him, a smile brushing my lips. He was so sweet.
    I rolled over to face Nick as Kevin slid off the bed. His arms tightened around my waist, drawing me closer to his body. We lay content and quiet while Kevin ordered the pizza, waving him good bye when he set out the door.
    “Your trying really hard,” Nick commented, his fingers playing with a few strands of my wavy Raven’s hair. “I don’t want you too wear yourself down, Joey. I hate seeing you exhausted like this.” I shrugged noncommittally, nosing at his neck softly. I loved the smell of his skin, it calmed me down and excited me at the same time.
    “I’ll keep looking,” I murmured softly against the crook of his neck, my eyes shut.
    He sighed, and kept his arms locked around my body, just holding me. As much as Kevin and I talked about taking care of him, Nick was more then capable of taking care of us too. He started humming softly, his voice adding to the fog of comfort swirling around my brain. Just as I felt myself drifting towards sleep the hotel room door swung open.
    “He asleep?” Kevin asked, dropping the pizza box on the coffee table.
    “Not yet,” I groaned against Nick’s shirt, before rolling over and sitting up. Kevin smiled and shook his head, before tossing over a bang of chips.
    “Let’s eat before we sleep, huh?” He joked, walking over to take a seat on the floor in front of the bed, leaning against the mattress. I crossed my legs to sit indian style, while Nick swiveled around, laying on his stomach facing the end of the bed. Kevin handed us both slices of pizza, before flipping the TV on.
    “So, what shall we watch, huh guys?” Kevin asked, leaning back against the bed. In all honesty, I didn’t care at all. I didn’t care about much other then the two of them when they where around. I’d be perfectly happy just to watch them.
    We ended up watching a movie on HBO, some spy thing. Once the pizza was gone, we settled down a bit. I moved so i was laying on my stomach like Nick, his left side pressed against my right. My fingers started to absentmindedly run through Kevin’s hair, playing with his curls.
    “Um, what are you doing, Joe?” He asked, tilting his head back to look at me. I smiled and shrugged, before leaning forward to kiss him upside-down. Nick giggled next to me.
    “Spiderman!” he cried playfully, punching my shoulder. I pulled away from Kevin to roll on top of him, pinning his arms over his head.
    “Haven’t you ever learned, your not supposed to hit your big brother.” I teased, giving him my best sexy glare.
    “Haven’t you ever learned, your not supposed to sleep with your younger brother.” He quipped, looking up at me with wide eyes. “It’s not stopping you...”
    “True,” I murmured, before leaning forward and kissing him too. He licked my lip playfully, and I drew back smirking. Kevin snickered and shook his head, turning back to face the TV. Nick’s arm snaked around my waist as my hands again found there way to Kevin’s hair. Yes, this was worth it.

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