August 14th, 2008

vmars stephanie gamegirl

some fanart ;D

Not sure if fanart is allowed.. (?) but I made a few pics and I thought it'd be cool to share them ;P


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[notes] Aug2008: Hehehe.. soo I was watching the Teen Choice Awards, and apparently, Miley goes over to Selena during her performance of Seven Things, and Selena totally sings along with her for at least one lyric, "you make me love youu.." no less! And Selena is pretty much rocking out during the whole song, lol. Which kinda contradicts the whole media-fueled gossip-overload perception of ZOMG RIVALRY with their supposed love triangle, etc including that the song itself might even "represent" how Miley feels towards her ex-current-bf-of-Selena Nick Jonas. (And it all feels a little Hilary/Aaron/Lindsay, eh? Except waayy more cuter, with tons of adorkableness, and absolutely no cattiness.. hmm.. lmao!) So yea. Then apparently, it turns out just like there are fans of Liley (Lilly/Miley of HM), there are shippers of real-life Miley and Selena - Milena! And well.. I got inspired, and voila ;D

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